Kardan Worldwide

Kardan believes that emerging markets will, in economic terms, show faster growth than developed markets, spurred on by the middle class. As the economic situation of the middle class improves there will be increasing demand for housing, offices, shopping centers and for clean water, among other things.

As of 1994 – the founding date of Globe Trade Center S.A. (GTC SA) - Kardan focused on initiating, developing and managing shopping centers and offices in Central and South Eastern European countries through GTC SA, of which it sold its last remaining stake in November 2013. Kardan expanded its geographical spread in 2005 when the real estate activities in China (Kardan Land China) were initiated.

Kardan’s water infrastructure activities predominantly take place in emerging markets all over the world. Kardan’s subsidiary Tahal Group International offers high quality integrated, customized and sustainable solutions for one of the most critical challenges the world faces today: providing water and food to people in need.

Kardan also has retail and banking operations in Bulgaria and Romania, operating under the name TBI.

For more information, please visit www.kardan.nl.

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